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Nasty Women Signs - Women March - Washington, DC by Mohamed Boraie

Pictures taken from the Women March in Washington DC on January 21st. 

Sufi chanting and Ziker with Sheikh / Jaber Awadalla at Makan (Egyptian Center For Culture & Art ) by Mohamed Boraie

In a small culture center in Downtown Cairo, Makan, stands Sheikh Jaber reciting Sufi ziker ( a devotional prayers ) along with some tunes coming from the talented musicians singing along with him.  The Sufi Ziker contained prayers and meaningful stories from prophet Muhammed and Imam Hussein life.

The performance was very intimate with a small number of audience sitting around in semi circle in a home like studio that feels more like a large room in an old Egyptian house from the 1960s. 

More about Makan :


Photography by Mohamed Boraie 


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