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The Eastern Market - Washington, DC by Mohamed Boraie

Mirrors, clowns, graffiti... this is not what I expected when I left on sunday morning to wonder around the city. My friend suggested we visit the Eastern Market and I quickly agreed knowing that my camera ( and I ) will be happy.

Once I got to the flea section of the market, I smelled a strong coffee flying through the air, so I stopped at one of the booths that sells Colombian coffee for a quick espresso. It was one of the best espresso I had in a long time. Maybe, It was just a badly needed sunny day after a long winter of snow that made the espresso (everything that day too) feels and tastes better.

I wondered around looking for things that that I always fantasizes buying from a flea market. For example, an old leather bag that would had a different life and had experienced interesting stories before I become the new owner. Or Sometimes, I would be wondering around looking for an empty wooden boxes that you can smell the dust and feel its age when you touch it.  

Below are some of pictures I captured that day at Eastern Market in Washington DC.    

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