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The Eastern Market - Washington, DC by Mohamed Boraie

Mirrors, clowns, graffiti... this is not what I expected when I left on sunday morning to wonder around the city. My friend suggested we visit the Eastern Market and I quickly agreed knowing that my camera ( and I ) will be happy.

Once I got to the flea section of the market, I smelled a strong coffee flying through the air, so I stopped at one of the booths that sells Colombian coffee for a quick espresso. It was one of the best espresso I had in a long time. Maybe, It was just a badly needed sunny day after a long winter of snow that made the espresso (everything that day too) feels and tastes better.

I wondered around looking for things that that I always fantasizes buying from a flea market. For example, an old leather bag that would had a different life and had experienced interesting stories before I become the new owner. Or Sometimes, I would be wondering around looking for an empty wooden boxes that you can smell the dust and feel its age when you touch it.  

Below are some of pictures I captured that day at Eastern Market in Washington DC.    

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Eastern Market - Meet the Street Musician by Mohamed Boraie

Last Sunday, a friend and I played tourists carrying our camera around DC and wondering aimlessly. After a long and beautiful sunny day, we ended our tour at the Eastern Flea Market in Washington, DC.

On our way out from the flea market, I heard a beautiful music from across the street. After she finished her song, I walked towards her and I asked her if she is comfortable with me hanging around taking picture while she is performing.  She smiled and said "I would be happy!"

She started performing and forgot about everyone around her. It was almost as if she just entered in her little world. She is really talented!

Location: Eastern Flea Market in DC

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