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Parisian Inspired Bridal Style Session by Mohamed Boraie

The inspiration for these images came from a love of the charming and beautiful city of Paris. Even with a crisp winter chill in the air, the city exudes warmth and a sense of romance.  Its architecture, the colors of the city, and the relaxed lifestyle all provide a timelessness that still evokes today a chic classiness of the 1920’s. As such, we incorporated vintage elements throughout this “Winter in Paris” styled photo shoot as a way of inspiring today’s bride to create a unique event with its own sense of eternal romance and beauty.

In the beginning of the last century, even modest apartments in Paris were adorned with luxurious furnishings – chandeliers dripping with bohemian crystals, luscious damask draperies, ornate mirrors, and gorgeous Louis XVI style furniture. Housed inside a charming Clifton, Virginia antiques shop, our “Winter in Paris” parlor features a palette of what has come to be known today as French Blue – a soft hue reminiscent of a winter sky.  In this parlor, the mirrors, the vintage gold clock, and the settee maintain their enduring elegance while showing their age in the chipped gold patina of their frames.  Moments of sunlight from the windows and sparkles from the chandeliers offer a shimmering glow in the oversized mirrors, making any bride wish to have this “Paris apartment” as her personal bridal salon.

We further captured the aesthetic of the classy 1920’s incorporating vintage elements into a chic, yet rustic outdoor bar.  Outfitted with seltzer bottles, cut crystal decanters and footed glassware, as well as a silver-plated shaker and champagne bucket, the elegance of the barware is echoed by the over-the-top tiered bronze chandelier replete with crystals resembling icicles. To balance the elegance, we see elements of a barren winterscape in the grapevine swag overhead, as well as the use of putti and floral statuary so common throughout Paris.

Imagine the unmistakable voice of a French singer coming from the radio, wedding guests sipping a Jack Rose, popular in Paris bars in the 1920’s, while they contemplate the coming reception feast, one which would have been prepared with ingredients that once came from Les Halles de Paris, the city’s central fresh food market no longer in existence, yet immortalized in the architectural blueprint above the mantle.

Moving to the dining experience, the exposed French table bares lovely curved legs and ornate carvings, as well as a tufted bench of blue velvet for cozy seating of the bride and groom, and places for their dearest friends and family.  Though of the same palette, the blue of the dinner plate mimics the French settee and the winter mood, while the vibrance of the yellow accent plate speaks to a desire for Spring to arrive. The center of the table is adorned with winter white candelabras repeating the display of putti statuary and florals on a miniature scale.  White anemones, tulips, hydrangeas and bridal wreath are punctuated with a touch of soft blue larkspur to create a classic and timeless bouquet and table arrangement.

In an ode to the sweet desserts found in the lovely windows of every Parisian café and patisserie, we positioned against a backdrop of rustic brick a whimsical tiered display of ornate gold tables adorned with miniature cakes and mismatched tea cups again in colors that call for Spring to come.  

In an era where we travel mostly by car or plane and can’t seem to arrive at our destinations quickly enough, it is enchanting to imagine the anticipation of a young lady, adorned in a Pillbox Hat and gloves, packing her valise and boarding a train to go visit her Love in Paris so they can soon be married.

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