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Engagement at The Giza Pyramid in Egypt by Mohamed Boraie

Throwback to 2010!

The couple flew all the way from Australia to spend their vacation in Egypt. They wanted to celebrate their love in front of the pyramids in Egypt.

Enjoy the the pictures!!


Then we headed to downtown Cairo for more adventure. 

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Arfa and Irfan's Pakistani Wedding by Mohamed Boraie

Arfa and Irfan’s Pakistani wedding took place over one week in May 2014 in the Washington, DC area through multiple traditional events, including the Mehndi and Baraat, which were covered by Boraie Photography. The celebration included lots of food, vibrant colors, fun dances, family and friends and most of all, the sentiment of the hour – love. 

Photography by: Mohamed Boraie

Photo Editing by : Akram Yassen