(Matt + Kate) Engagement Session at National Gallery of Art and Lots of Graffiti in DC! by Mohamed Boraie

Matt grew up in Broomfield, CO. He participated in every extracurricular activity known to man...and then some....swimming, basketball, class VP, saxophone, just to name a few. He is also an Eagle Scout, and likely the only one Katje would be comfortable "getting lost with." He is now an airline Captain and instructor pilot for American Eagle (AKA a pretty big deal:-), flying all over the East Coast.

Katje grew up in Philadelphia, PA. When she heard of Matt's exhaustive activity list, her response was "did I mention I swam???" She works as a Communications Manager for FHI 360 in DC, supporting development projects around the globe.

So, how did it all start, you ask? Katje has been friends with Matt's sister Leah since studying abroad in Lyon, France in the Spring of 2000. Turns out, Leah was keeping a pretty secret...her brother! Katje and Matt eventually met at Leah's graduation in 2001. What followed was over a decade of Katje asking "so, what's Matt up to" and "has Matt figured out he should be dating me, yet?" until a particularly wine-infused evening in 2013 when Katje decided she had nothing to lose and reached out on Facebook.

What she wasn't expecting was that the crush had been mutual...for over 12 years!