National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of art in DC- the Senegal St.Joesph Gospel Choir by Mohamed Boraie

This Sunday, I went with my wife to the National Gallery of art in DC to attend the Senegal St.Joesph Gospel Choir at West Garden Court. 

I packed my camera and a 50mm lens and headed there around 2pm dreaming about some cool shoots and interesting compositions.

We got there but once I got the concert program my eyes / heart fell after reading the following words:  “photography is not permitted during the concert.”I thought to myself...well it is time to sit down and just enjoy the lovely music. And I did!!

The West Garden Court is a beautiful garden hidden inside the museum and is opened regularly for concerts and events. The beautiful lit indoors garden makes it a unique location to enjoy a performance. 

After the event I roomed around the National Gallery of Art looking for interesting compositions and frames to capture.

Below are some shots I took during my trip back from the concert. 

Till next week!

Mohamed Boraie 

To know more about the Senegal St.Joesph Gospel Choir visit :( or you can youtube their beautiful music.